Let the Gael Hunt Begin!


1. There can be only (1) winner
2. Participants and winner must be an Iona College’s student
3. No sharing answers to clues lol

Gael Hunt Guideline:
1. The contest and the first clue will be released on April 1 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; along with contest details that will live on the Iona College Word Press Blog.
2. In order for a student to receive the second clue he/she must take a #selfie with in front of the answer to the first clue and tweet it to @ionacollege . The second guess will then be Direct Message (DM) to you
3. In order for a student to receive the third clue he/she must take a #selfie in front of the answer to the second clue and tweet it to @ionacollege . The third clue will then be Direct Message (DM) to you
4. In order for students to receive the fourth and final clue he/ she must take a #selfie with or in front of the answer to the third clue and tweet it to @ionacollege. The fourth clue will then be Direct Message (DM) to you
5. First student to tweet us a #selfie with the fourth clue will win the Gael Basket. Please, note that in order to win, you must tweet us a #selfie with or in front of each of the clues. Time stamps will be checked to ensure fairness.



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Top 10 Safety Tips for Spring Break

beach-1As the warm weather starts to break and the snow starts to melt, we are all one step closer to spring break.  Spring break is the perfect excuse for every college student to buy a ticket, hop on a plane with friends, and travel to a beautiful destination for a week.  Spring break is about relaxing and enjoying time off of school with your friends but it is also an important time to keep your safety in mind!

We came up with 10 safety tips for students to keep in mind while on the road, in hotels, at the ATM, on the beach, while swimming, going out, and leaving the country.

Tip 1: If you are taking a road trip and driving for a long time to reach your spring break destination, you and your friends should take turns behind the wheel.  Whoever is ‘shotgun’ is the co-pilot so they must also stay awake to keep the driver company or figure out directions with them.  Make sure the car you are using is inspected and has all of its proper registration and all members in the car have a valid license.

Tip 2:  In your hotel room, you should take notice if there is a safe in the room or not and definitely use it if you are traveling with valuable belongings. Also keep all doors and sliding doors closed and locked so no one you do not know can enter.  If you can request a room, try to book a floor in between the first and sixth floor because the first floor is easiest to break into and the sixth floor maybe too high up for a fire ladder to reach it.

Tip 3: While taking money out at an ATM, try to go during daylight hours and travel in a group.  Also, try to do a quick scan of the area to make sure there is no one suspicious around you.

Tip 4: Getting ready to just jump into the water seems like a good idea but jumping into the water without a lifeguard is putting yourself at risk. Try to always swim with a friend and stay within the swimming areas. Also take notice of the flag system on the beach letting you know if it is safe or not to go into the water.

Tip 5: When going out, the number one cardinal rule is “go out with your friends, go home with your friends.”  Watch out for one another when you are out!

Tip 6: If your spring break destination includes leaving the country, make sure you have all of your documents, especially your passport beforehand. Do a background search on where you are going before you go there. Safety when traveling abroad has a lot to do with what you pack so make sure you are not traveling with flashy or valuable items.

Tip 7: When traveling on a cruise ship which is an amazing experience but has a different set of rules.  Always stick with your friends and watch your pockets when your get off at boat stops.  Watch out for island residents who prey on tourists and try to take advantage of people not familiar with the area.

Tip 8: Always carry your hotel, personal and emergency contact information with you.  These contacts are another source of identification for you.

Tip 9: Drink responsibly!

Tip 10: Our final tip is to remember to have fun…this is your much needed vacation!

Keep these safety tips in mind when you are traveling and out and about at your spring break destinations, they will help you stay safe while having the time of your life. Enjoy your spring break Gaels!


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Iona College’s Career Development Center Host Their Annual Career & Internship Expo

The Career Development Center at Iona College hosted their annual Career and Internship Expo on Thursday February 20, 2014. This was a great opportunity for students to broaden their chances for future employment and to also use this opportunity as a tool for networking. There were 66 companies that represented various industries and positions. Students of all class years were welcome to join. Upon entering it was essential that students had a resume, wore business attire and were prepared to leave a positive and lasting impression.

career expo feb 2014 (6)career expo feb 2014 (87)

career expo feb 2014 (89)career expo feb 2014 (100)

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Gael Nation Photo Contest

Ryan Library snow full

Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are popular social media platforms that allow users to take photos and videos with a mobile phone, apply a filter to transform the image, and then share with others.

To share the beauty of our campus, Iona is initiating a monthly #IonaPhoto contest across all of its social media platforms.  Each month, the Advance and External Affairs office will determine the best Iona-related photo with the hashtag #IonaPhoto.  The contest begins Feb. 4 and will continue each month through the reminder of the academic year.

Contest details:

  • To be eligible, photos must be tagged with the hashtag #IonaPhoto
  • The photo must be Iona College related (examples include photos of campus, performance or sporting events and community members in Iona College gear.)
  • The contest is open to all Iona College students, faculty, staff, parents and alumni
  • Photos from public *** social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) are eligible as long as they are tagged with the hashtag #IonaPhoto
  • Each month’s winner will have their submitted photo with credit, used as the cover photo for the College’s Official Facebook page, reposted by the College’s official Instagram account and highlighted on the College’s website.

Questions about the Contest? Please contact Bdeleon@iona.edu. Good Luck!

**If you have a private social media account but would still like to submit photos for the contest, please email your photos to Bdeleon@iona.edu**

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Are the acceptation letters starting to arrive?  Are you trying you to figure out, how far away from home you want to be? Which school is offering you the best scholarship? Which school feels like home to you?

Deciding on which college or university to attend this fall is a hard but important decision that will shape your future.

As we begin mailing our acceptation letters to student, we thought it might be helpful if we share a few of our students’ stories.

Stefanie Luongo, Class of 2014:

I was very indecisive about what college I would attend. I had a few options in mind, one being Iona. When I went to visit, I fell in love with the campus right away.  All of the students seemed friendly and I was especially amazed with the Mass Communications department. I liked that there would only be about 20-30 students per class, because I knew I would feel comfortable and the professors would know me on a personal level. I was used to attending small schools, and Iona seemed like the perfect fit for me.

In addition, Iona had a lot to offer such as many clubs and activities, Greek life and sports.  I liked that New York City is only a 30 minute train ride away, and that there are a lot of internship opportunities linked to Iona.  I knew choosing Iona was going to be one of the best decisions of my life. As a senior at Iona, I look back at all the amazing experiences and friendships I have gained.  I know that none of them would have been possible if I hadn’t chosen Iona as my home away from home for the past four years.

Marykate Murnane, Class of 2014:

I remember it was the first day back after summer break and every single class that I walked into, the same exact question was asked, “So, have you decided what colleges you want to apply to?”

It was my first day as a high school senior, the day I have been waiting for since I started high school.  The last thing I wanted to think about was graduating and having to leave all my friends, I didn’t want to start over.  As the days, weeks, and months went on, the hot topic of college became more serious.  Not just with my teachers and counselor but with my parents, family and most shockingly, my friends.  I didn’t have the option to not think about it.

I really didn’t know where I wanted to go and I definitely didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.  I decided I was going to go to school and study early childhood education.  At the time it seemed fitting and some of my friends were doing the same.  My friends started talking about what schools they were hoping to get into and how far they were from home.  I thought about staying home but then realized if I didn’t leave now, I would never leave so I started looking at my options.  I decided to apply to Iona and see if I even got it before going and looking at the campus.  I got my acceptance letter a month later and for some reason I knew I was going to go attend Iona.

I went to visit the campus a few weeks later with my dad, who happened to fall in love with Iona more than I did.  It was as if he was the one who got accepted.  I just felt like I belonged here, I got a sense of home and no other school gave me that feeling.

Fast forward four years later and I am a senior. I am graduating in May with a degree in Mass Communications and a concentration in Public Relations.  Because of Iona I had the opportunity to join Phi Sigma Sigma sorority which is a sisterhood that changed my life and will forever be a part of who I am, study abroad in Barcelona for the summer, intern in London for three months, meet strangers who turned into my best friends, and realize that I am capable of things I never thought I could do.  Iona College gave me the confidence I needed to succeed and move forward in life.

Katie Bonilla, Class of 2014:        

Butterflies in my stomach, heart pounding right through my chest, and different thoughts running through my head was what I was feeling as I was on my way for the first time to Iona College. What will it be like? Will I like it? Will the experience be good? Will people be nice and friendly? I did not know what to expect. Green, open, and warm was what I felt going into Iona College’s campus. I was walking around Iona and I felt a sense of community, a close and welcoming community. I loved how the buildings were brick and they were surrounded by natural green beauty. I loved how close the buildings and dorms were to campus. I loved knowing that because it was a small sized school that if I walked onto campus I would know someone. Slowly all those fearful thoughts and emotions were drifting away.

I was going to stay the night at Iona and again the fearful emotions came back. There was an event that night at the gym for spring weekend. The host I stayed with made me feel at home and comfortable. Her friends were also very friendly and it was not what I thought it was going to be like.

The event was a blast. The energy I felt from all the students made me want to part of it and part of Iona College. Walking back from the gym, the dorms grasped my attention and I knew then, I wanted to go to Iona. The feeling I got when looking at the dorms that night was for some reason breath taking to me as cheesy as that sounds. After that moment I knew I wanted to come back to Iona College but next time to be a student here.

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Winter at Iona

Ryan Library snow full

Move banner snowChapel snowRyan Library road snow

(Photo Credit: Rick Palladino, director of libraries at Iona)

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Swords into Plowshares: Seeking Peace in a Violent World

Week of the Peacemaker 2013

Iona celebrate Week of the Peacemaker.  For over thirty years Iona College has chosen the time period following Veterans Day to dedicate academic and co-curricular attention to peacemaking. This annual observance honors the self-less dedication of veterans for the cause of peace, freedom, and justice. Each year the college chooses a theme for its Week of the Peacemaker and through lectures and activities coveys this theme in diverse and dynamic ways.  This year’s theme was Swords in Plowshares: Seeking Peace in a Violent World.

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